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F.A.S.T.® aiCockpit®

F.A.S.T. aiCockpit bridges the gap between AI algorithms and PACS systems by providing the radiologist access to customized AI-driven workflows and visualizations that are readily launched from any PACS, worklist, dictation software or hospital system. F.A.S.T. aiCockpit is 2D and 3D visualization software, accessible as a white‑label product or through native integration, that provides efficient navigation and meaningful interaction with diverse AI results, including real‑time interactive tools and validation capabilities.


F.A.S.T. AI SDK enables a comprehensive, system-wide seamless integration for the efficient delivery of AI-driven workflows within radiology software. F.A.S.T. AI SDK enables OEMs to build an integrated AI experience within PACS, reporting software, and universal viewers, eliminating the time-consuming and inconvenient need for radiologists to launch external viewers. F.A.S.T. AI SDK also allows for the strategic development of applications uniquely designed for your modality, clinical specialty and target anatomy.

F.A.S.T.® AI Annotation

F.A.S.T. AI Annotation provides the ability to improve truth marking, interact with annotations in 2D and 3D, access zero‑footprint truth‑annotation tools, annotate and segment voxels in 3D, and access F.A.S.T. AI Validation tools that seamlessly integrate into the training environment. F.A.S.T. AI Annotation works in conjunction with F.A.S.T. aiCockpit to provide a streamlined experience that saves radiologists time and improves productivity.

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  • Quickly add AI visualization software to your product portfolio
  • Bridge the gap between AI developers, PACS and hospitals
  • Provide access to AI results directly within radiologist workflows
  • Include interactive AI-driven workflows in your existing PACS
  • Allow efficient navigation through key images and annotated images
  • Enable AI results previews, thereby serving as PACS archival gatekeeper
  • Facilitate access and running of locally trained algorithms
  • Integrate technology, available across a very flexible stack
  • Deploy powerful hybrid client/server rendering architecture
  • Benefit from over 20 years of radiology integration experience
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  • Inclusion of your algorithms in enterprise installments (e.g., hospitals)
  • Delivery of your algorithms to radiologists and other physicians
  • Access to efficient navigation methods and capabilities
  • Use of tools to develop more meaningful interactions with your AI results
  • Validation of your AI results one time, available to Fovia customers
  • Visualization of your AI results not previously possible
  • Access to Fovia Ai’s interactive workflow development team
  • Distribution of customized AI workflows on a nonexclusive basis
  • Ability to use vendor-neutral, platform-agnostic visualization tools
  • Benefit from over 20 years of radiology integration experience
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F.A.S.T.® aiCockpit®

F.A.S.T. aiCockpit is AI visualization software that transforms AI algorithm results into interactive visualization, allowing radiologists to navigate findings quickly and directly from their existing PACS, worklist, dictation software or hospital system.

F.A.S.T. aiCockpit is for companies that develop PACS, dictation software or hospital systems that need to efficiently bridge the gap between AI algorithm companies and radiologists.

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F.A.S.T. AI SDK is an AI-focused, container-driven software development kit for PACS companies that integrates AI algorithms, utilizes data from PACS for visualization, and interfaces with archives and AI orchestrators, thereby infusing AI algorithms into radiology software and minimizing the work for PACS and AI developers.
F.A.S.T. AI SDK is for companies that want to create a seamless AI experience for their users and provide unified access to a multitude of AI algorithms in a consistent manner.
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F.A.S.T.® AI Annotation

F.A.S.T. AI Annotation is a customizable application framework that can improve truth marking and validation tools through a zero-footprint solution that provides worldwide remote access.

F.A.S.T. AI Annotation is for companies that want to enhance their AI annotation tools in their existing PACS or AI systems, or who want to incorporate AI assistance into their existing products.

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Closing the Gap | AI & Radiology

With a focus on radiology workflow, Fovia’s AI technology serves as a conduit between AI developers, PACS, hospitals and radiologists. Our solution streamlines the visualization and delivery of AI results to radiologists and other physicians by providing efficient access to AI results directly within their existing workflows.


Interactive AI

  • Interact dynamically with AI results in 2D and 3D
  • Build and customize interactive AI workflows
  • Utilize real-time reprocessing of algorithms
  • Add local validation, employ clinician feedback
  • Modify annotations for algorithm processing
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Interactive Segmentation

  • Perform real-time interactive 3D segmentation
  • Increase the number of cases per hour
  • Segment tissue-specific areas of interest
  • Enhance existing segmentation workflows
  • Create and edit per-pixel or per-voxel annotations for AI
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20+ Years Integration experience

Fovia has been developing and integrating radiology solutions for over 20 years. Our experienced team of experts provides comprehensive and customized integration services, regardless of the ostensible challenges or obstacles. See why some of the world’s largest companies are integration customers of Fovia.

These applications are available for investigational use only.


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