F.A.S.T. AI Annotation

Annotate Data Remotely and with Precision
F.A.S.T. AI Annotation is a zero-footprint solution that enables worldwide remote access to data-labeling and training
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Improve Truth Marking Tools
Utilize a customizeable application framework that provides precise and interactive 2D and 3D voxel segmentation
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Choose Fovia Ai for your Annotation Partner
Select Fovia Ai as a partner to enhance your AI annotation tools within your existing AI systems, thereby choosing a partner with over two decades of radiology software integration experience
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interact with AI annotations in 2D and 3D

Engage with real-time interactive tools and segmentation capabilities

Overcome Annotation Challenges

Access, Annotate, Expand

Easily and quickly examine, manipulate and quantify imaging data through browser‑based software, regardless of where the original data resides

Create zero-footprint, web-based solutions with worldwide remote access

Accelerate AI algorithm development with cloud-based annotation tools accessible anytime, anywhere

Remote Visualization

Experience high speed and high performance remotely without sacrificing quality

Accurate Labeling

Truth annotate data faster and more accurately than previously possible

Dynamic Segmentation

Leverage F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation, providing breakthrough segmentation performance and accuracy for machine learning

Develop with Fovia Ai

Scalable, Future-proof technology

Companies can offer visualization of segmentation results represented as 3D-labeled voxels, create multi‑structured 3D segmentation labels for workflows, and truth annotate data faster and more accurately than previously possible.



Say goodbye to slice-by-slice segmentation

Quickly and easily segment regions of interest on-the-fly

Your success is our success

Get a complete solution to market faster with Fovia Ai features

Annotate from Anywhere 100%
Pre-load Annotated Data 100%
Segment Voxels in 3D 100%
Label Multiple Modalities 100%

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